What We Do

In Haiti

dioIn 1986, shortly after the infamous Baby Doc fled Haiti, we met Pastor Diogene Pierre in his small mountain village of Tricotte. He was pastoring a small church and directing the village school.

Our desire was to join a ministry consistent with our mission, rather than create one. Pastor Dio became a perfect match. Now 25 years later his ministry, The Eben-ezer Family Ministries, has grown to 9 churches, 13 schools, a special needs home called the Mephibosheth House, a micro-credit program called Barefoot Banking, Santo Village and the Hope Conference. All are designed to offer hope.

In Kenya

kenyaIn 1989, we met Dr. David Kitonga from Nairobi, Kenya. He and his wife Anna felt called to minister to the very poor. Soon after our meeting, we assisted them with a Saturday Morning Feeding Program for the children in the Kawangware Slum. That small effort has grown to a large school, a church, two HIV/AIDS Trade Schools, and the Huduma HIV/AIDS Clinic...

Elizabeth Punyua, a trained and licensed HIV/AIDS medical professional, directs the Huduma HIV/AIDS Clinic. Today over 200 HIV/AIDS clients call Huduma Clinic home. Huduma Clinic has become a safe place for testing, crisis care, education, support, and encouragement.

kenyaEvelyn Mutioba Ingosi, a long time accepted leader in the Kawangware Slum of Nairobi, who founded, and is directing the Upendo Home for abandoned and traumatized little ones, while she oversees HIV Support groups and a micro lending initiative called Barefoot Banking.

In Uganda

ugandaIn 2000, we were introduced to the HIV/AIDS orphan-grandmother issue in Uganda. After several years of building homes for grandmothers raising orphans, we were introduced to a grassroots country leader and his wife, Pastor Josiah and Beatrice Usaba. He is a very special pastor who found a way of uniting the Christian and Muslim community around the HIV/AIDS crisis in the Masaka District of Southern Uganda.

Together, we have built over 50 homes, a ministry called Hope Homes for needy grandmothers who are stepping up to fill the gap for the parents who have died as a result of AIDS, and caring for the children left behind. We have also developed two vulnerable adult empowerment programs call Suubi and Kisa, both with the resourses to offer a small business loan for a women with a good income producing idea, called Barefoot Banking.