Upendo Children’s Home

In 2018 we moved 27 abandoned and traumatized children out of the Kawangware Slum to a home we built for them. It is called the Upendo Children’s Home because Upendo is their word for LOVE, and this home is full of love!

These children have horrific stories of physical and sexual abuse, violence, torture, sickness, and homelessness. A number of the children were left at our doorstep, or found discarded in the trash. We believe these children are unique and deserve the chance to live and succeed! 

Join us in offering hope…

Would you consider sponsoring a child ($34/month) or providing for a specific need? Your support will help provide food, clothes, school fees, medical health and more! Your support also sends a strong message to each child that they are valuable, loveable, and important!

Evelyn Mutioba Ingosi

We are honored to partner with Evelyne Ingosi, an amazing woman who has given her life to providing a home for these beautiful children. Evelyne is passionate about loving, caring, and supporting unwanted children. 

Evelyne’s passion grows out of her own story. As a young child, Evelyne’s parents died and she suffered greatly. She was a homeless street kid from the age of 10-15, living in culverts under the street and begging for food. Evelyne knows from personal experience what it feels like to be abandoned and traumatized. It is from this “personal knowing” that flows the biggest heart for vulnerable children we have ever encountered!    

Evelyne has come to be known by others in Kenya as “Mama Love” and “Mother of Many”. 

The word Upendo means “Love” and that is what she is offering these children!

Beyond Our Door Global is humbled and honored to partner with such an amazing woman!