Hope Homes

In two remote villages of Uganda, we have had the opportunity to make a major impact. Together with our partner, Josiah Usaba, we have worked together to build over 60 homes for elderly and desperately poor families. Often times the people we help are needy grandmothers who are left to care for their grandchildren when the parents have died as a result of AIDS.

Would you please consider making a donation toward the building of a home? Your support will go a long way in helping the most vulnerable feel like they are seen and valued by someone else…but even more importantly they are seen and valued by God.

Pastor Josiah Usaba

We are honored to partner with Pastor Josiah Usaba. Along with his wife Beatrice, Usaba works tirelessly for the sake of the poor and vulnerable in Uganda.

Usaba’s passion for the vulnerable comes from his own personal story of overcoming great obstacles. At age 12, Usaba dropped out of school because walking 7 miles to school became increasingly difficult for a boy with polio, and school fees became impossible to pay. This did not stop Usaba from educating himself and at the age of 16 he started a school for little children whose parents could not afford to send them to school.

By age 16 Usaba was recognized by the elders of his church as a leader. By the age of 35 he was ordained and pastoring 16 churches. Usaba returned to school and at the age of 44 he graduated from high school. By the age of 50 he completed his Bachelor’s Degree and by the time he turned 57 he had received a Masters of Arts Degree in Project Management.

Now Usaba uses all his experience, schooling, and passion to lead the ministries of Hope Homes and Suubi.